Empowering women through boudoir photography since 2018.


I can be best described as a world traveling explorer with the occasional strange idea and a passion for music and creativity. I currently split my time between San Antonio, Texas and Europe. I have previously lived in Europe, the Middle East and Central America. I am a former Scientist, Restaurant Manager, US Army Officer and a Geo-Political/Terrorism Analyst for the US Dept of Defense. I have two sons. I am also blessed with having 4 lovely sisters and 11 nieces and nephews plus their kids!! Most people would say I have a full life, yet I can frequently be found sitting in a café plotting my next adventure.

I started doing photography a few years ago because I wanted to take better photos when I travel. I soon discovered that in addition to getting better travel photos, what I enjoyed the most was capturing those little special moments in people. Boudoir photography was a natural progression for me as I am a social creature and love creating amazing things with others. I have always got along well with the fairer sex (4 sisters will do that to you) and I absolutely LOVE seeing the look on a woman’s face when they see through the art of photography how beautiful, fierce and amazing they truly are!

I am constantly growing as a photographer, and I look forward to creating some magic with you!!

Shooting Locations: Macedonia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, USA, Belize, Belarus, France
Photoshoot Types: Boudoir, Portrait, Erotic Art, Fashion, Fetish


J.R. Gentle

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